Moving Through History

Moving Through History, a camera dance work created from local history and shot in historical sites, is raising funds this season to save a piece of Heritage Park. Our very own Plover, Wisconsin park is home to the oldest church in Portage County. Without our help, the church/World War I museum could be a total loss. Please consider donating today to help us SAVE A PIECE OF HERITAGE!

$30,000 in funds are needed for three major projects on the church/museum:

  1. The roof, already at least 10 years beyond its life expectancy, needs to be replaced or the whole building will disintegrate.
  2. The 8 windows (of 3 over 3 sashes) each require individual work. Each one was unique-built in 1858, was not originally a standard size, and has seen further changes to the shape of the opening over time.
  3. The steeple blew off at least 70 years ago in a storm. The interior of the building is still built to accommodate the steeple structure, and it makes sense to replace it while working on the roof.

The church is one of the oldest religious structures and is the oldest frame church building in the county. Originally built by the Baptists, it was sold some years later to the Methodists. They owned it until 1968, when it was sold and the new owner tried twice to convert it to a duplex, but failed. The building was completely gutted by him, so that when the Historical Society bought it in 1978, the only thing that existed was the frame and exterior clapboard. Nothing inside was left. The building is on the National Register of Historic Buildings because of its age and unique place in the history of both the village of Plover and the county.

Portage County Historical Society, Thousand Lumens Productions, and CREATE Portage County are teaming up with Transcribing Dance Company to create our very own piece of history. Stories local to Stevens Point and Portage County, are transcribed into movement episodes which take place in local historical buildings. These camera dance vignettes will bring to light 3 captivating moments in history:

  • Seven Days Leave – a story of a newlywed couple parted by a call to war
  • The Downtown Fire – a re-creation of one of the largest fires recorded in our community; the story of two women lost in the flames
  • Codes of Conduct – a glimpse of female teachers loosening up after hours; what happens behind closed school doors when the women let loose and for a moment are free from the rules set in place.

Portage County Historical Society Website