“From the Ashes”

“I’ll be holding out for the future phoenix that will carry all this weight on its wings.  It will come, but before it does we can remain hopeful and stand firm as the flames die down and the ashes begin to form.”

– Morgan Aeby

With a nod at mental health, TDC presents “From the Ashes” a piece about compassion and hope for the future during a time of uncertainty, isolation, and loss.  Along with their new work, TDC will be showcasing a multi-media piece and an original solo.

Join us for a night of dance at The Amherst Opera House on Friday October 22nd at 7:00PM and October 23rd at 2:00PM or 7:00PM.

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Same day tickets will be available at the Amherst Opera House.
Cash only, please.

About Us

Transcribing Dance Company, established by Charys Hess in June of 2012, was set in place to collaboratively melt the art of writing and storytelling with the art of dance. TDC is a professional postmodern dance company which explores a journalistic approach on pedestrian movement. The choreography can be followed by a provided story line, narration, or appreciated in its most simple form, dance.

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