Chapters Of Her-

A NEW work tackling emotions, relationships, sexuality and womanhood.  In collaboration with local author and female studies expert Kelly Wilz, TDC captures raw and meaningful stories into choreography post the #MeToo movement.  Together, this narrative brings an honest yet hopeful message to the surface.

Moving Through History-

Portage County Historical Society, Thousand Lumens Productions, and CREATE Portage County team up with Transcribing Dance Company to create its very own piece of history. Stories, local to Stevens Point and Portage County, are transcribed into movement episodes which take place in local historical buildings. These camera dance vignettes will bring to light 4 captivating times in history; Seven Days Leave- a story of a newlywed couple parted by a call to war,  The Downtown Fire- a re-creation of one of the largest fires recorded in our community-the story of two women lost in the flames, Codes of Conduct- a glimpse of female teachers loosening up after hours- what happens behind closed school doors when the women let loose and for a moment and are free from the rules set in place.

Heroes Amongst-

Not all heroes wear capes.  Whether feet are planted on the ground or soaring high above, our heroes are the warriors battling to defeat their cancer villains. Every battle fought hard, every life filled with hope.

Cancer Colloquy-

Shares an inside perspective on living with cancer. The material depicts stories of fear, courage, strength, and celebration. Stories were gathered from local cancer warriors.


For every occasion there is a suit. We choose our suit based on the occasion, purpose of the event, or perhaps where we are in life. We go through many suits as we age: birthday suits, swim suits, day time suits, evening suits, tuxedos, little black dresses, denim and more. No matter the occasion or phase in life we find ourselves suited to “fit the bill.” We suit to impress and stand out and we suit to conform and blend in. Suits explores many variations on how and when a suit can be worn.


An all-women’s work, inspired by project “Dance them Free”, explores the idea of how women can move forward even after experiencing some of life’s most traumatic events.

Dialogue from the Attic

“Dialogue from the Attic” is narrated by Betty Blanke, better known by her grandchildren as “Mamie.” Upon the request of her dear children, Mamie so graciously recorded a few of her stories of her life from childhood through the birth of her last grandchild, after her tragic diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. These stories now live on through her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and now this work, which is an interpretation of her stories, set in a dimly lit attic.

My Sister’s Barn

Even if much time has elapsed, it seems as though we are able to pick up right where we left off. When we’re in the barn, time stands still and age does not exist. Our stories belong, uniquely bound by a journal kept of our tales. We are the holders of few keys to this magical red place. Here we unlock our tales shared by six evolving hearts. We are three, twenty-five, and eighty years old all at once, all together in my sister’s barn.